Glacier County Maintenance Department

Glacier County¬†Maintenance Department is involved in the maintenance of County facilities to ensure they are kept in good repair as well as meeting standards relative to public buildings. This includes the Glacier County Courthouse, Glacier County voting center, Sheriff’s Office, Public Library buildings, and Glacier County Annex buildings .

The Facilities crew also assists other departments fulfilling their missions. An example is helping Elections deliver and pick up all election equipment throughout the County. All new or remodel projects in these buildings are coordinated through this department. In addition to managing these buildings this department also takes care of the landscaping and lot maintenance at each location.

We’re looking for Volunteers!

Glacier County Maintenance is looking for volunteers who would like to help with our flowerbed arrangements.

If you are interested please call Shannon @ (406)873-3650

Facilities Maintenance Manager

Shannon Pepion


Annex Custodian

Bill Bremner


Courthouse Janitor

Landis Meeks