Care and Displaying of Archives

Quite often we are asked why a particular item that has been given to us is not immediately or continuously on display. This can and does happen for any one of several reasons.

It is impossible for us to display all items in our collections at the same time. There is just not enough room to do so.

The most probable reason is that all item are perishable. Some of course more so than others. What we consider a safe and normal environment is very hostile to archives. Time of exposure to light, humidity, dirt and temperature changes, takes it's toll on everything. The fact is that most of our collections have already survived a considerable amount of time is now why we want to preserve them. Just consider how time and exposure wears on our homes, appliances, cars and even our bodies.

We consider it our responsibility not only to display the items donated to us, but to also preserve them so future generations will be able to see and enjoy them. To do this we sometimes need to "archive" an item to protect it. Items such as clothing, papers, photos etc are in most need of this process. Just dig out some of your old family photos or school papers from years ago and see how much they have changed from the way you remember them as new.

We frequently copy or duplicate photos or documents for display and archive the original item to preserve it. Some of the originals are just too fragile to handle or display.

Our displays and exhibits need to be changed or updated frequently in order to maintain your interest. In doing so we are continually moving items in and out of the archives. We may keep a particular exhibit up for a considerable amount of time but the items on display in that exhibit will be frequently changing.

Exhibits & Items on Display

Clothing, Pictures, Tack and Farm, Old Store,
Botique, Music, Home Sweet Home, Military Room, City
and County, Great Northern Railroad, Doctors Office,
Oilfield, and much, much more.

There are many outside ground displays:

Meriwether Lewis & Blackfeet - Marias Expedition
1938 Cable Tool Oil Derrick
1917 School House
Sheepherder's Wagon
Old Farm Machinery Collection
1930's Oilfield House
1982 Burlington Northern Caboose
Phillips Building with "Old Cut Bank" Displays
Sidewalk Displays
Old Windmill

and much more:

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