Bad Check Policy


  1. Judge Yunck prefers that no checks turned over to the Glacier County Attorney's Office be over 6 months old.
  2. All "NSF" checks should be presented to the bank twice before being brought to our office.
  3. "No Account" checks or "Account Closed" checks do not require certified letter. They may be brought in immediately. However, you may try to collect them on your own by sending a letter or calling them.
  4. After presenting "NSF" checks to the bank twice for payment, write the person a letter (See side margin), send the letter by Certified Return Receipt Requested mail. They have five days from the receipt of the letter to make the check good. The green card that you get back from the post office will indicate the date the letter was picked up. If they have not made the check good within five days, bring the check and all associated papers to our office. If they do not claim the letter please bring the check and the "Unclaimed" envelope to our office.
  5. We will file misdemeanor bad check charges in Justice Court. They will be issued a Summons to Appear in Court. At the time they appear in Court, Judge Yunck will order restitution and a $75.00 fine.
  6. If the person comes to you after they have been served with the Summons and they want to pay for the check, take their money and give them a receipt. They will need to present this receipt to the Justice Court on the day they are to appear. Do not send them down to our office to pay the check. If they mention something about a court date or they have any questions, have them call Justice Court at 406.873.3631.
  7. If you take partial payment on any bad check, this office cannot prosecute.

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