Internet Use Policy


Internet access is made available as a part of Glacier County Library's mission to provide equitable access and service in fulfilling the information needs of the community. Since the accuracy of information on the Internet is the responsibility of the producer, some information may not meet the Library's collection development standards. The library provides access to this information but does not guarantee accuracy. Neither can the library ensure that the content of material found on the Internet will be consistent with personal or family values and boundaries.


As with other information the user chooses to access, the library staff will respect the patron's confidentiality. However, since Internet computer screens are visible to others, items displayed are not totally for private viewing. The library staff reserves the right to monitor use of the Internet workstations to ensure compliance with this "Internet Use Policy."

Use by the Public

Use of Glacier County Library's Internet computers is available to any visitor to the library who uses this privilege in a responsible manner and abides by pertinent Library Internet and Circulation Policies. Failure to comply with these policies may result in the suspension or loss of library and/or Internet use privileges.

General Rules for Computer Use
  1. Computers may be used by no more than two people at one time.
  2. The time limit is ½ hour per session if someone is waiting, and there may be limits on the number of daily sessions dependent upon workstation demand.
  3. Prompt payment of $.20 per page must be made for any page(s) printed using library printers.
Special Provisions for Minors Use of the Internet

As with other library materials, restriction of a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility and right of the parent or legal guardian. The following rules, procedures, and guidelines do not negate this parental responsibility and authority, but are meant to aid all parents and minors in responsible and safe usage while in the public venue of the library.

Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and a use authorization form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian, when using the equipment for the first time. In cases where a child arrives at the library without adult supervision, a child will be allowed to use the Internet if the authorization form has been completed and is on file in the library.

We encourage parents to talk to their children about using the Internet safely. We can direct you to books, web sites and pamphlets on this very important topic.

As time permits, librarians will help guide minors to suitable age appropriate materials. However, minors and adults found to be in violation of this Internet Policy will have their Internet session terminated. Repeat offense, involving numbers 1-5 below, will result in termination of Internet privileges.

The following meets the requirements for a Specific Internet Safety Policy for patrons under the age of 17 as required by the Neighborhood Internet Protection Act (NCIPA).

These rules are in effect to protect minors while using the Internet in the library.

  1. Individuals covered by this policy may not use the Glacier County Library Internet enabled computers to access inappropriate matter on the Internet or World Wide Web.
  2. Individuals covered by this policy using the Glacier County Library, while using direct electronic communications, whether electronic mail, chat rooms, or any other form of directo electronic communications may not divulge their name, age, address, location or other personal information.
  3. Individuals covered by this policy using the Glacier County Library are specifically forbidden from using the Glacier County Library computers for unauthorized access, modification, hacking, cracking and other unlawful activities, including but not limited to accessing library and other networks.
  4. Individuals covered by this policy are specifically forbidden in using the Glacier County Library computers to provide unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal identifiable information concerning and regarding themselves or any other person. The above mentioned is illegal.
  5. Individuals covered by this policy may not use the Glacier County Library to access any material that might be harmful to minors.

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