One of the many old "Phillips Petroleum Buildings" has many interesting exhibits, such as Railroad, Military, Old Cut Bank Doctor & Dentist Offices, Drugstore ect.

In addition to the "TiPi's" many Indian artifacts are on display in the Main Museum building.

"Sheepherder's Wagon" Were used extensively during the early days.

"Burlington Northern Caboose" A Caboose used to be required at the end of each train. Very interesting exhibit to go through.

"Oilfield Pump Jack" These were once a very common decoration all over our area.

"1917 Marias Country School" Setup and ready for classes. An Old Windmill in back.

The house on the right is an example of an oilfield worker's home from the oil camp of Santa Rita. The Mel Hegg family purchased the house in 1935 for $500 while leasing the land. Other families known to have lived in the house include the Victel and Ives families."

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